Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Japan Illustrator - Shohei Otomo

Ballpoint pen artist Shohei Otomo mashes up old and new in bold illustrations spiked with heavy doses of manga-style gore and perversion.

Crop Art in Japan

Monday, 28 September 2009

Part 3 of my memory

A talent Mom, Bella

Part 2 of my memory

Part 1 of my memory

I draw just because I am a forgetter.
When you are not good at writing, drawing is another option.
Sometimes I draw my story, my feeling, my thought, even my dream.
Maybe for you, these ugly pictures look like riddles,
especially, if you are not close to me, it is not easy to know what I am drawing about.
But please try! Try to imagine the story behind my drawing.
Maybe they are just some common stories of you and me.

Saturday, 26 September 2009


A well-known Japanese photographer, MUSUBI.
You can find his photo in many beautiful JP Print Ad.
Fancy setting, weird topic, graphical layout...
That's why JP photo is so eye-catchy!

Monday, 21 September 2009

Productive weekend

A little gift

All gals love Plastic Modeling!

Ready-To-Assemble Plastic Model Ring by Clunky Design.

Originally, Clunky Design focused on costume production, but how did you come to make these so called, Plarings?

Hironori: One day, I came across a plastic ring at a toy shop. It was a kind of luxury-looking women’s ring and I wondered if it might be possible to make one like a plastic model.

‘Like a plastic model…?’

Kenta: We love plastic models so we’ve always been kicking around on plastic model products. We thought it would be great if we could put our work and hobbies together to combine our designs with our precious plastic models.

And you started designing these right away?

Hironori: Our designer Yujiro Shihara suggested ideas, I joined in to make adjustments to its form and brought them into shape.

From http://pingmag.jp/2008/10/22/plaring/

what's a HOT day!

"The idea was to create as unique a calendar so that the process of its presenting would become an outstanding event. Alongside with this, it was important to expose the idea of "energy", as it is predetermined by the name and logo of the company. Each page is a month and it looks like a comb made of matches that correspond to the days. The matches are real and the construction of the calendar is absolutely safe."
from http://www.thedieline.com

Not only functional, but FUN!

Something not eye-catchy in your daily life.
They always sit at the side of your screen, is a side talent of your digital world.
Once they become the key role, see what's going to happen!

Beautiful Scrollbars Javascript effect from Andrey Yazev, who located in Moscow, Russia.

Amazing Calendar

It is very crazy!
Spanish designer Oscar Diaz has designed a calendar that uses the capillary action of ink spreading across paper to display the date.