Saturday, 19 September 2009

One, Two, Three Dimensions?

Daniel Arsham is a contemporary American artist.

In 2005, Arsham was commissioned by Slimane to design the fitting rooms for Dior Homme's Los Angeles shop. Slimane's only limitations were that the rooms have "a hook, a seat and a mirror." The works commissioned by Slimane are unique to each Dior Homme location. Arsham's design incorporates his signature plaster erosions: the white fitting room walls seem to melt onto the bench, the mirror appears to have been excavated from the wall.

In 2007 Arsham curated an exhibition for Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, a show entitled "Guild." Traditionally, a guild exists to ensure the standard and quality of a certain craft. This exhibition showed artist's whose works intersect with the practice of a certain craft. The show included artists John Bucklin, Friends With You, Keneth Andrew Mroczek, Dennis Palazzolo, as well as Arsham's own work.

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