Thursday, 30 June 2011

Talented illustrator 6: Chan On Sin

One more fresh illustrator in Hong Kong, Chan On Sin.
Not only good at pencil sketch, but also water color, vector illustration, and collage.
With a good technique of drawing, she can draw various style.
From childish character to fashionable sketch, she can handle it very well.

Talent illustrator 5: Chan Wan Hong

A fresh illustrator who is good at pixel style.

Talented Illustrator 4: Bella Lee

Bella Lee has a very good experience on children story book illustration. Not only drawing the illustration, she also write story for her own book. You can't imagine how passionate this lady on her work.

Beside children book, she has very good sense on fashionable illustration too. She has been cooperated with Top Shop for a beautiful window display.

In 2009, I have invited her for an animation project of a show room for luxury project. It is about a hummingbird flying between glowing flowers and trees. So beautiful it is! Thanks Bella once again for your amazing work!

Talented illustrator 3: Chau Chi Lut

A very fresh illustrator, Chau Chi Lut.

Talented illustrator 2: Yvette Yeung

Yvette's work is very lovely and girlish.
Beside drawing, she loves handcraft and collage.
She has been worked for several illustration projects in Hong Kong,
such as octopus card holder and greeting card.