Sunday, 8 November 2009

The forgetter - Mike's illustration exhibition

Oh My GOD~~~~I made it finally! My personal illustration exhibition - The Forgetter.Thanks for your support, your support and your support!
For me, It is just a starting point. I'm going to draw more and more for spreading out a simple message of mine.

"Expressive Drawing is not about skill, tool and technique, it is something we can do since we were born, just like body language. It is the natural human expression.

Maybe I'm not good at language, I found that there's No word can describe my complicated emotion. Sometimes, when I cannot share my happiness or unhappiness with the others, I do feel like something trapped in my mind. Because no one understand me.
Maybe you have this experience too.

I taught kids creative drawing before I started my career in advertising agency. Those lovely kids inspired me that there's nothing like drawing, can express your "pure and complicated" emotion.
What they draw is their heart, but not a photography. I tried to be a kid, to record my heart by drawing and show it to my friend as to describe my recent feeling. It sounds stupid... but it does make me feel very happy and relax. Whatever happens to me, happiness or sadness, once it transferred to the paper with my pen, they are all become peace and calmness. However, I met lots of people, even some art directors, who said that they cannot draw. I do feel sorry for them... Why people think that drawing is all about drawing a picture like a photography? Living in a busy city like Hong Kong, people becomes cold and poor at expressing themselves. However, they all have a pen! I hope that when they feel bad, they can express themselves and calm down themselves by drawing, but not karaoke or drink!"

I hope that everyone can live with happiness! That's why I wanna spread out this message to encourage more people try drawing.

Try to draw with your heart. ^___^

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