Monday, 26 April 2010

Axiome Chair in 2006

" ... The design looks uncomfortable, but when you sit down, you will feel how each surface supports your body and your body weight is distributed evenly and comfortably to the backrest. Starting from the seat element the shape tapers toward the small backrest, creating a large open space. This space by itself has the effect of a separate surface and is a central element of the design. The side elements and the backrest and seat element form an angle. The chair has deliberately no tubular steel legs but legs made from the same material as the seat element. The three-leg component is an independent element, also in formal terms. ..."

About Buchegger, Denoth and Feichter Design
The Austrian designers Bernhard Buchegger, Michael Denoth and Thomas Feichtner, based in Linz, Austria, understand “Axiome” as a counter strategy to an economically motivated concept of design. Instead of creating objects according to economic criteria, they search for a strategy apart of globalization and mass production.

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