Monday, 12 July 2010

(auto)critica by Marco Testini

" Irony and double meaning are the key operations Marco Testini which tends to play sometimes with the meaning of the word, adapting it to work and in some cases, adapt the work to the word. It is an ironic sarcasm then, that the artist decides to tackle this performance to analyze and critique of attitudes of the public art and everyday life. The artist wants to attract the attention of the viewer with a declared "provocation", making it participates directly and indirectly to the installation. From the walls leaving hundreds of white indices, pointing toward the audience. The fingers are plaster casts of indices "lent" by friends, artists, professors, journalists Testini involved in the operation. The same indices then pointing the finger at themselves and the artist involved on this occasion, Marco Testini, which will continue to scale indexes of all the people who will present the opening day come here to a (self-) critical..." from

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